Descendants of Clement Weaver Group
The  Descendants of Clement Weaver group resides at It is private, open to descendants, researchers and historians. To request an invitation just send your name, email address and reason you are interested in joining. Send to The co-administrators of the group are Frieda Weaver Gockel (CA) and William F. Weaver (CT), siblings, and their ninth cousin William D. Weaver (TX).
This group was formed on in 2011 by those who had had visited the Clement Weaver House on Howland during the time it was getting ready for sale. 
Larry Schneider and Deborah Colasanti, who had renovated old homes before, purchased the Clement Weaver House and began a major restoration in the mid-1990s. By the late 2000s Larry and Deborah were ready to sell. To help promote the sale of this unusual home, Larry created and launched it in 2009. Family historians stumbled across the site as they did Weaver research and were astounded. Soon Larry was graciously playing the role as tour guide for Weavers from around the country who just had to see this ancestral home.
In Larry’s words, “There has never been a home Deb and I have owned where people have had the connection that you and many of the other Weavers have had.”
My brother and I had the incredible experience of visiting the home in 2011. It occurred to me that surely there must be a descendant somewhere who would be interested in purchasing it and returning it to the family. Larry passed on the contact information he had for Weaver visitors and a descendants site was launched on (no longer in existence).
Unfortunately no descendant came forward to purchase the home and it went to an unrelated private party. However, by then the site had taken on another role as descendants across the country shared bits of their history, visits to East Greenwich, photos, research findings, etc. and the site has flourished. For a too short time we had a member, Roy Weaver, from England.  He was a prolific contributor, poet, and had a wonderful sense of humor, but sadly passed away several years back. His contributions live on within the site and are worth seeking out.
Thanks to the hard work of Wiliam D. Weaver we now have the files from MyFamily on FamilyCrossings and continue to add descendants from across the USA and as far as New Zealand to our new home.