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Dr. Daniel Howland Greene

Dr. Daniel Howland Greene (1807-1886) published the History of the Town of East Greenwich and Adjacent Territory, From 1677 to 1877 (https://archive.org/stream/historyoftownofe00gree#page/n7in 1877. He was the son of Howland and Nancy Greene.

CDV of East Greenwich Historian Dr. Daniel Howland Greene
Dr. Daniel Howland Greene was the author of the History of the Town of East Greenwich and Adjacent Territory: From 1677 to 1877.

According to Cleave’s Biographical Cyclopaedia of Homoeopathic Physicians and Surgeons by Egbert Cleave, 1873 “Dr. Greene’s early education was acquired at the Kent Academy, and at a classical school at Kingston, R.I., after which he was sent to study medicine with Dr. Caleb Fiske, of Scituate, R.I., the first President of the Rhode Island Medical Society. After completing his medical education, Dr. Greene opened an office at Natic(k), R.I., where he practiced eight years, and, in 1840, removed to East Greenwich, where he has since resided. He was never satisfied with the old allopathic system, and he at an early day discovered, that in proportion as he abstained from bleeding and the use of mercury, so slid his success in the treatment of disease increase, and his practice become popular. At last, the remarkable success of Dr. Okie, a homeopathic physician, attracted his attention and led to his investigation of homeopathy. Finally, he entered upon an earnest study of the system under direction of Dr. Okie, and, as he felt competent, substituted it for his old method, which after a while he abandoned altogether. As a consequence both his success and his practice, as he says, ‘increased more than four-fold.’ Indeed, his business became so extended, that he found it necessary to establish another office in Providence, and for the last sixteen years, his time has been equally divided between his office in Providence and that at East Greenwich. 


“Dr. Greene first married Miss Jane Hazard, of South Kingstown, R. I., who died in 1836, leaving an infant son, who also died thirteen years after. His second wife was Susan, daughter of Samuel Proud, who died in the year 1853.” According to his obituary, he “possessed a keen appreciation of the humorous and a ready wit which was never at a loss for repartee.” Dr. Greene was also a noted artist, and painted several well-known views of town, including the hill-side and a water view.